Ultimate Benefits of Blogging For Small Businesses in 2020

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Benefits of Blogging For Small Businesses
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Marketing is an ever-evolving and dynamic field. It has morphed into various styles and mediums with the passage of time. With the printed ads in newspapers to the digital ones that we see on our screens, marketing has gone through a sea change.

A different and interesting form of marketing that has emerged recently is blogging. Many Benefits of Blogging for small businesses are realizing the importance and impact of blogging as a marketing tool only now.

Thus, we are seeing more and more businesses taking the blog route to marketing. In this article, we will see what blogging for marketing is all about, how you can build a successful business blog, especially if you are a small business owner and what are the benefits associated with it.

What is blogging?

A blog is an informational or discussion-based website that is published on the internet and is written in an informal, conversational style just like you would write your diary. The art of writing a blog is called blogging and the person who does it is known as a blogger.

Business blogging:

As discussed earlier, business blogging is a relatively new phenomenon and its importance as a marketing tool only recently being discovered. Business blogging means writing a blog on your website, which is related to your business niche in a subtle and sort of discreet way.

For example, if you are selling makeup products your blog posts could be about make up tips, skincare regime of stars, changing skincare tips with changing weather, skin problems for different ages etc.

The idea is not to do some in your face marketing of your products. But to give passing hints and discreet references to your products and services. The blog posts should be engaging and stimulating so that customers comment on it and start a conversation. 

Benefits of blogging for small businesses:

There are many benefits of blogging if you are running a small business. Some of the important ones are;

It’s cost effective:

Running a business blog won’t cost you a fortune. You can easily do it by incorporating it in your existing business website. In fact, if your blog gets popular you can use to make money too by having advertisements through affiliate marketing, etc.

It will develop trust among your customers:

Your blog will develop a bond with your customers. They will relate with your brand. Through your blog articles, you will share knowledge about your product and industry-related news. This will make you a transparent brand in the eyes of the customer. They will happily buy from you and also recommend you to others.

Build an email directory:

You can ask the visitors of your website to subscribe to your blog posts. In this way you will collect their emails, which you can use for marketing purposes. You can promote new products, offer promotions and send occasional emails to stay in touch with your customer base.

Get exposure:

If your blog creates value with your customers and gets going in a big way, the search engines will definitely going to pick it up. This will definitely give you more visibility on the internet, diverting more traffic to your website and increasing your business in turn.

Tips on making a successful blog for small businesses:

Now let’s focus on how you can build a successful business blog. Here are some tips that come handy.

Blog regularly:

Blogging is a regular job. Big businesses have dedicated bloggers on their payroll who write blog posts on a regular basis. If you cannot hire a dedicated professional for this job, then you will have to do it on your own, but you will have to do it consistently.

It will register in the minds of the customers only if you write on a regular basis. A daily blog entry is recommended, if not then every other day is good too. The frequency you choose to write your blog should be strictly followed.

Use graphics and images:

It is important that your blog should be appealing and eye catching. Using visuals in the form of images and even videos can be very helpful. Remember, a picture can say a thousand words.

The customers would be more attracted to a visual message, then a plain text message. Beat this in mind and play with images and graphics.

Address customers’ concerns:

A blog should be like a conversation between you and your client. You should always keep in mind the customer’s concern while writing a blog. It is always a good idea to do a Q&A session with customers.

It will answer their questions and you will be interacting with them. Encourage all the customers to write and share their experience too regarding the use of a particular product. This will make the customers feel special about the whole experience of buying from you.

Share Industry News:

Sharing news related to your industry is also a great way to stay connected with your customers. Your customers will think highly of your knowledge. They will regard you as an Industry expert, no matter how small you are.

This will enhance your value in their eyes and develop trust. But caution should be exercised while doing this that you share only relevant and accurate news and information. If you share heresy or fake news, then it could backfire tremendously.

Follow keywords:

While writing blogs keep in view the keywords. Use relevant keywords that people use for searching. You can use keyword planners of popular search engines to get to know them. It will make your blog post optimized for SEO, which will benefit the ranking of your blog.


Building a blog is a great way to market your business in a subtle way. It develops a trust with your customer and lets you bond with them. You can reap great economic benefits from your blog and help your business to grow.

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