If you are here then it means that you are looking for something innovative for your marketing team as it is the #1 marketing calendar. For those who want to know about CoSchedule then it assists the user in planning, creating, and promoting the content and projects altogether. It is helpful in the growing audience with smart marketing plans and also saving time. It plays ka ey role in efficient team collaboration.

According to my research, I havn’t found any another company offering similar kind of product. Although, there are several apps for social media for making an editorial calendar, but CoSchedule is unique as it is an all in one application.

One of the key highlights of CoSchedule is Headline Analyzer, which is helpful in posting titles. User can easily change up the titles and enjoy the headline scoring high. Another major attraction of CoSchedule is its free service. For users who wanted to know more about the company can subscribe to their e-mails and they will receive an invitation to join their program to get Marketing Strategy Certified by CoSchedule. Being a novice about marketing, I enrolled myself for the course and started learning new concepts. Moreover, it was completely free!

Along with the course, there was a one month free trial of CoSchedule. For those who love to review different products, it would be an added advantage. Its an editorial calendar function and capabilities. To become certified with their course, user need to submit his/her own editorial calendar. Moreover, user can use any program for his/her editorial calendar. There were some students who were using CoSchedule, whereas some of them were using Google Calendar or even a paper calendar. To draw comparison, I planned to create my first editorial calendar on CoSchedule, Google Calendar, and a paper calendar to maintain an editorial calendar.

Why CoSchedule

Content certainly plays significant role as it is frequently switched around for one reason or another. Hence, there is no use of paper calendar. Moreover, sticky notes were out of question as they lose their sticky and eraser marks all over the page. Similarly, Google Calendar won’t work as there was no task list that could check off like in CoSchedule.

Creating editorial calendar with CoSchedule was an amazing experience. Other features with CoSchedule are availability of several colors for each entry. Organizing posts as well as social media marketing with CoSchedule has always been quite easy. User can easily plan out newsletters, promotions, and social media content. User can schedule all the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

CoSchedule Plans

For great user experience, CoSchedule offers several plans. For instance, if you are bloggers or Solopreneurs then CoSchedule Solo Marketing plan is apt. The major highlights of this plan is its all-in-one marketing calendar, drag & drop social media calendar, best time scheduling, and an optional WordPress plugin.

CoSchedule Team Marketing for Growing Teams – The plan comprises of Solo features plus custom team workflows, invite guest contributors, and team file sharing to name a few.

CoSchedule Team Pro for Professional Marketers – The plan has all the Marketing features along with manage marketing campaigns, advanced reporting and analytics, and dedicated account management to name a few.

CoSchedule Multi-Calendar for Marketing at Scale – The plan has Team Pro features along with customizable team permissions, advanced training options, and enhanced security and analytics to name a few.

ReQueue – User can go for this plan with Solo and Team Marketing plans. However, it’s included in the Team Pro and Multi-Calendar plans. ReQueue is schedule social media posts once, then add them to ReQueue, and continue to post at the best times for all your social networks.

The CoSchedule program is immensely beneficial and you can avail it for free with the CoSchedule Referral Program.  It is easy to do, as you can invite people with your affiliate link or banner add provided by CoSchedule.