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81 / 100 SEO Score

The more the links, the more traffic you get on your website and also, the more you will get authoritative links to your website. There is numerous method to earn or build a backlink.


The backlink is used by website owners to get enough traffic. It is key for every successful SEO campaign. It remains a consistent and important strategy for SEO. If you are looking for how to get more traffic on your website and you don’t know about the backlink, then you are missing out.



The backlink is a link from one website to another. The linking of a website to another is something we experience every day and it is simply the backlink that enhances this.

Redirections such as “follow this link to download this file”, “follow this link to know more on”… blah, blah blah are all the doings of the BACKLINK and it is just merely causing traffic for website owners. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high rankings on organic search engines.


The BACKLINK is basically about votes on the search engine from other websites. It looks like an invitation to enter a link. The vote increases per link.

The site with a high number of the link will be ranked higher on any search engine.

The backlink is very important to Google because they formed the foundation algorithm of Google called the “page link” and Google have confirmed them as one of their 3 most important search ranking factors Despite the number of the algorithm Google has changed, the backlink remains a key ranking signal.

The broken link-building method

The broken link method works perfectly to create one-way backlink. This method involves contacting webmaster(s) to report broken links on their website and at the same time you recommend other websites to replace it including your website. By this, you will get a better chance of having a backlink because you are doing him a favor.

To use the broken link method, first get the relevant websites that have resources page. Now input the following search queries;

Your keywords + link

Your keywords + resources

Keywords in URL: links

Broken links are easily found on Google chrome.

Build an internal link.

Internal links are an important factor for a successful blog. They are passing link. Users can easily navigate to your website site with a good internal linking structure.

WordPress automatically internal links to your website but it must be done manually.

Promote your web content

Your content must be great to get backlinks, you can promote your content such as articles by connecting them to the world through the emails.

An effective method is by contacting bloggers or websites running weekly or monthly round-up.

Use queries like keyword + Roundup so that you can get to choose results only from the past week or month.

After that you contact a webmaster sending an introduction to your website and send a link to one of your best tutorials or guide.

If your content is found useful to the bloggers they might link back in the next round up.

Contact journalist and important web bloggers

There is no better to spread words about your business than the journalist and web influencers. By doing this, it will give you a better chance of having links to your website.


By donating to nonprofit organizations, you will have a better chance of having backlinks. This method is very easy and quick, the only thing required to do is to find websites that accept donations of any sort and link back to sites that have donated. Input the amount of donation you want to make and also your website address.

The infographic

This has proved to be one of the most popular and effective methods of gaining valuable backlinks.

This method is also easy to understand and share. The demand for infographics has increased because of people’s love for visual data.

First, follow the topic trends people are looking for on the infographic statistics, then create your content from this topic through research and send it to someone who can make your content visual.

Once the infographic is ready, make it easy for others to share by creating an embed code using the siege media generator.

When your infographic is set and already visible on your website, then it ready to be distributed. There is numerous infographic site you can submit your content.

Finally, you email those who have previously linked to previous infographics or have shared them on the media.

Spy on your competitors.

If you are serious about building traffic on your site then spy on your competitors is highly recommended. Stay updated with your competitor’s market strategies. Spy on their social media, look for their link building and earning techniques and also their content marketing methods.

Another method of getting an eye on your competitors is by setting yourself alerts to know when they are publishing new content on their website by subscribing to their email newsletter and following them on their social media.

You should also know the backlinks your competitors are using to build their website so that you can replicate their backlinks and know the methods they are using to promote their website.

Write testimonials.

This is an easy method to earn quality backlinks. It could only take you a few minutes to write backlinks and you can earn a link from the homepage of an authorized site.

So long you remain a customer of their product, there is a high chance to get a link for a testimonial.

Get interviewed

Interviews online is currently a hot cake and fast-growing. You will be getting multiple invitations once you are in control of your site. But before getting to this stage, you can make your intentions known to websites running interviews that you would like to contribute and share knowledge with them.


It is never easy to earn quality backlinks, but you could be on the right guide by using the best resources and methods.

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